An Evening with Mischler & More

Our first sketch comedy show was a blast. Here is a short clip from some of the sketches. A couple were written by us, a couple were written by May & Nichols and a couple were improvised.

“007” Debut

The dynamic duo Mischler and More also performed at Nicole’s All-Improv Award show. For this special occasion they tried out a new genre:  an improvised 007 –  James Bond.

Allimprov Award Evening

So I was fortunate enough to win the 2014 Lifetime Achievement Award from Allimprov for improvisation. The show was really lovely and a heartfelt thanks to everyone who contributed, played and came to see the show. Especially to Rod ben Zeev for his amazing work in collecting videos from people all over the world and photos from shows over the last 10 years.

here is the link to the photo montage:

Starsigns, Nicole Solo

I did my first solo improv show at the Allimprov private theater. It was fun to do, will definitely try again! The piece is called Starsigns, I take some characteristics and the day’s horoscope from the star signs of members of the audience.

Nicole Mischler at Stand Up Graduation Show

I took Peter More’s stand-up comedy course in the spring (which I would recommend to anyone interested in trying stand-up). At the end of the course in May there was a Graduation show. This is my first time doing stand-up!