I design packages for employees to be refreshed and energised like a good spa or gym session. Take initiative, work together, have a laugh, get excited and play again.

I offer sessions, courses, unlimited. Participants can dip in and get their fix as often as they like. Change your mindset and create a world of positivity and innovation for yourself.

The Energizer: Refreshing, positive improv skills

Do you have a big day planned, full of presentations and meetings? Do your employees and team members need a break and re-charging to continue with optimum participation and enthusiasm? The Energizer is specially designed to clear the mind, move the body and get people excited and back in the moment. A small part of a big day that can give tremendous results.

The Innovator: Applied Improvisation Skills

When you have a teambuilding day or want to organize an extraordinary experience, an improvisation workshop can be a valuable contribution. When you want to emphasize listening, working together, and taking risks, the skills of improvisation translate into these soft skills in the workplace. This workshop focuses on positivity, creativity and everyone is encouraged to contribute.


The Improviser: Soft Skills in the Workplace

I bring the improvisation to your own workplace. Like a gym or yoga studio, improvisation is shown to encourage risk taking, playfulness and being in the moment. Taking a course together can also encourage new friendships and a fun and exciting hobby.